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  1. Installation view, RIBOCA, Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Latvia, 2018

    Installation view, RIBOCA, Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Latvia, 2018

    “You can’t have me for real” is an installation, which consists of video, sound and photography. The sound/narration is juxtaposed andconnected with images and with the exhibition space itself. I combine the photographs of places or non-places with those of property I took in order to rent the apartment to the next tenant - in Brussels or elsewhere I used to live.The project explores the state of displacement and belonging, but it is also a meditation on language and image, strange and at the same time familiar, memory andphotography itself. It is an attempt to reflect on a state, where we have something, but is it for real?


    Exerp from the sound:

    “A foreign body arriving to a new city, it did not seem to exist. But then, little by little, as a developing photograph, becoming part of something, belonging once again.
    From day to day walking the same streets, looking for references, looking for water. My stories were condensed at the bottom of the river, they were moving smoothly, transforming with flow.The water was fluid and blue, cold and transparent, wavy and deep, but also reflecting. On the surface, I saw reflections of memory, but it wasn’t my memory, it was someone else’s.
    In my class, there are 34 people: 1 Afghan, 1 Kosovar, 1 Italian, 1 Polish, 1 Brazilian, 1 Albanian, 1 Greek, 1 Croatian, 1 Mauritanian, 1 Dominican, 2 Spanish, 2 Colombi- ans, 2 Syrians, 4 Turks and 13 Bulgarians. All as one, we would repeat A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Je m’appelle... Je t’aime... Je t’aime...
    Once again looking for words, maneuvering between broken sounds, learning a language. Once again as a child, looking for how to tell a story within limitations.
    In the park I would look for green, I would take a picture of green almost with anger. It was one of the cities where I used to live while waiting for spring. ”